“The Book of Sexual Triggers”

Should Any Guy Be Given So Much Sexual Power Over Women?

Dear Friend,

If you want to get a woman (perhaps someone you’ve had in mind) sexually attracted, secretly wanting to go to bed with you, then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

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In recent years, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and the most renowned pickup artists have discovered a startling “black hole” of attraction secrets that go AGAINST conventional wisdom – the kind of information you’ve probably read online, in books, magazines, and even expensive dating courses – but yet work better than anything ever tried on women.

Unfortunately, most guys simply aren’t matured or open-minded enough to let sexual triggers work in getting girls craving for their attention.

For example, if you’ve followed conventional advice and tried approaching women the way you’ve been told to do, you probably felt a lack of confidence.

It’s not your fault…


Because in fact, research has discovered that about 40% of men do not feel confident meeting a woman for the first time.

On the other hand, the men who feel at complete ease when meeting women go against conventional wisdom, and therefore can’t help but effortlessly attracting throngs of the most beautiful women like bees to honey.

What’s surprising as revealed in the latest scientific findings is this…

Guys who are the most successful with women aren’t the most handsome, rich or buff…

In fact they are ‘average joes’, but with one thing in common. They know exactly how to fulfill the irrational emotional desire in women in ways most men are completely clueless about. Getting to know women but not knowing how to trigger them sexually, is just like shooting at the wrong target.

No wonder most men fail to win girls’ hearts and…

Ignite them sexually!

Simply put, these guys who have women pursuing them and not the other way round wield the power of sexual triggers. These guys know how to use it to their unfair advantage to make most other guys who are still stuck at the level of conventional wisdom seem irrelevant.

If YOU, too, want to gain mastery of the most powerful ways to get in deep, lusty love with almost any girl you fancy, then you’ll find this guide mind-blowing, perhaps even life changing.

Inside SEXUAL TRIGGERS, you’ll discover:

  • America’s leading research psychologists reveals why women have sex.
    (Is it simply to express love, experience pleasure, or reproduce?)
  • How to trigger a woman’s psychology that drives her to have sex, sometimes for joy, and sometimes for darker, disturbing reasons that she may not even fully recognize
  • What an unpublicized intensive research project involving more than three thousand individuals finally unraveled about the mysteries of women’s sexuality.
  • The 237 shocking sexual motivations that was discovered in an original study by clinical psychologists
  • Can men and women be “just friends”? (The answer might surprise you.)
  • A heterosexual woman reveals…”Two things are important – being able to be really _____ with the person, while simultaneously being able to _______ and really enjoy the experience of being with the person in a different way. It’s almost like ______ and ______ satisfy two basic human urges simultaneously.”
  • STRANGE BUT TRUE: Why a 25-year-old woman revealed “I had sex with a couple of guys because I felt sorry for them. These guys were virgins and I felt bad that they had never had sex before so I had sex with them. I felt like I was doing them a big favor that no one else had ever done. I felt power over them, like they were weaklings under me and I was in control. It boosted my confidence to be the teacher in the situation and made me feel more desirable.”
  • Why musky aromas and resonant voices stir women’s sexual desire in a way few other things can… and how you can use these sexual triggers to unleash your irresistible female magnetism.
  • If you consider yourself an average Joe, how to use your personality to exude an irresistible animal magnetism.
  • Why repeated contact with the girl you like… even without talking… boosts the odds of a sexual encounter. (This scientific breakthrough finding will completely change the way you look at dating/female attraction)
  • The shocking story of how 2 complete strangers ended up getting married because they were forced to stare into each other’s eyes for four minutes.)
  • What psychologist Daryl Bem meant when he said “the exotic can become erotic”… and why you must know this if you’ve always considered yourself the “odd one”.
  • How to use the sense of smell to attract a woman.
  • Evolutionary adaptation: Why a woman may be yearning to have sex with you just because of how you smell to her.
  • Just how does height matter when it comes to triggering a woman’s sexual desires?
    (A leading clinical psychologist exposes this groundbreaking truth for the first time ever)
  • What it means if a woman you meet for the first time looks at you for a second, then immediately looks down, and repeats this several times.
  • How you can be 100% sure if a woman WANTS your attention.
  • When making eye contact, what NOT to do to turn a woman off.
  • Why you don’t need ANY confidence to sexually trigger a woman. (And why confidence can put a woman off.)
  • The 5 surefire signs a girl displays when you are being “too close” to her.
    (If you know this, you’ll know how NOT to blow your chances of having sex with her)
  • Thousands of real-life cases reveal that maintaining ____ to ____ inches gives you your best chance of sexually arousing the girl you fancy.
  • Body language: 52 DON’Ts of body language that will absolutely murder that sexual spark you have going on with her.
  • How to get a girl STRANGELY connected to you by doing just one thing for her. (When you do this, she’ll instantly trust you more than anyone else in the room. She may even trust you more than her closest friends, just because you’re doing the one thing that matters most to her.)
  • The best thing to do if you feel shy or unsure of yourself but don’t want to miss out on a flirting opportunity.
  • WARNING: The 5 places NEVER to touch when you meet a girl for the very first time.
  • The best conversation openers that works anywhere, anytime
  • How to lead your woman from the living room to your bedroom, move-by-move

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